Radio Frequency Identification

RFID solution automates the vehicle tracking and data updates in near-real-time and generates receipts at the point of entry for farmers bringing in their sugar cane. Reduction in manpower deployment. … Automated reports are instantly available providing correct vehicle and trailer information.

Smart Card Solutions

Our smart card systems can hold a large quantity of data and can capture transaction details as per process requirement without the use of internet connectivity. Due to this reason, our RFID based systems are increasingly being used in various industry segments for cost-effective solutions. Digisure’s smart card and RFID based software solutions are based on secure & encrypted channels.

RFID Based Software Solutions by Digisure Technologies

We offer a wide range of services that are necessary to ensure efficient and cost-effective implementation of smart card enabled solutions. These services include application conceptualisation, software design & development, hardware & network provisioning & installation, transition support, smart card consulting, identification of application requirements, and much more.

RFID Based Software Development

RFID solutions are useful where there is a need to automatically identify an item. The use needs dedicated RFID based software solutions and we can help you with exactly that.

RFID Solution Maintenance

RFID software solutions require periodic maintenance for their efficient working and to ensure that they have not encountered any hiccups.

Integration with System

RFID solutions are not ‘one size fits all’ type. We understand that every RFID application system has its own specifications and design.

RFID Support​

Companies may need RFID based software solutions as a proactive means or reactive means. We have consultants for RFID and smart card technology.

RFID Solution Implementation

Deployment of RFID solution needs the synchronisation between several components. Our RFID software solutions automate the processes which result in improved visibility.